Configuring Your Domains

You can route traffic to your domain so that it is processed by your Edge80™ configuration.

Note: Your Edge80 account includes a fully functional base project domain that you can use to test your account, and to test projects.


In order to allow the Edge80 System to delegate traffic for a domain to your account, we need to establish that you control the domain. To do this we simply require a special token be inserted into the domain DNS records. This proves you control the domain. You may need to coordinate the following with your DNS provider if you do not manage your own DNS:

  1. Add the domain to your account. Edge80 will generate a token for you to use in the next step.
  2. Insert a TXT record in the DNS records for the domain. Set the TXT record to the Edge80 generated token.
  3. Adjust the domain DNS using a CNAME record to direct traffic to the Edge80 service address:

For more detailed information on the last step, see DNS Setup Information

Note: Once your domains have been verified, they are available from your Site Management Console and Project Zone to use when specifying routes for your projects.

To add a domain and create a DNS token

To add a domain and create a token for your DNS provider:

  1. Log in to your account, and go to the Site Management Console. Assuming you have an existing site listed under My Sites, select the site to display more info.
  2. Click Account Domains tab.
  3. Enter your domain name and Add Domain. The Edge80 DNS token for the domain appears.
    Example of generated token
  4. Select the DNS token for your domain and copy it. Your DNS provider uses this token to create a DNS TXT record for your domain so that the Edge80 platform can process your traffic.
  5. When the DNS TXT record is in place with your DNS provider, return to the Site Management Console to Request Approval.
  6. To add more domains, click the Add Domain button and repeat the process.

To set up a domain verification DNS entry

You now need to liaise with your DNS provider to configure your domain traffic for Edge80 processing. To configure the domain verification DNS entry, in your DNS account configure a TXT record using the generated token. For example, create a DNS TXT record as shown below:

Name Type TTL
<Edge80-generated DNS token> TXT 3600

Once we have verified that the DNS Token is associated with your account, your Edge80 site is ready to process the domain's traffic. Check this screen again to monitor the DNS verification status.

When approved, return to the Project Zone and review you project properties. Notice the Domain Matching section. Your verified domains now appear in your Domain Matching dropdown list. You can now create a new entry for www and select your verified domain name. This will begin to route your public domain traffic to your Edge80 site.

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